School Dress Code

2018-2019 School Year
In cooperation with students, parents, teachers, and administration, Goodnight School will adhere to a uniform dress policy. This policy is designed with the intent of improving school culture, safety, and pride for those who attend Goodnight School. It was decided by the staff, administration, and the greater Goodnight community that a standardized dress policy will improve academic achievement, safety, student focus, self-esteem, and school spirit. All students attending Goodnight School must adhere to the uniform dress policy, and will not be allowed to attend classes until they are outfitted in appropriate apparel, as we want our students to DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  Parents/guardians are also expected to support the policy. 
  SHIRTS ⦁ T-shirts worn by Goodnight students must be solid cobalt blue, gray, or black. All t-shirts must have the Goodnight logo.  No plain shirts or other logos allowed. ⦁ Students may wear designated Goodnight t-shirts, which include field day shirts, the rhinestone Goodnight shirt, or the Goodnight logo shirts sold at designated vendors such as Embroidery Plus and the Spirit Store. Shirts shall not be altered in any way (i.e. tied in back, rolled up, marked on, etc.). ⦁ Shirts must be sized to fit.  Students may not wear overly large shirts or shirts that are too small. Tank tops, muscle shirts, v-neck shirts, polo shirts, and “spaghetti strap” shirts are not allowed.
⦁ Pants/shorts should not be altered or decorated in any way, including holes, logos, zippers, chains, grommets, hooks, clips, design, or lettering. 
⦁ Shirts do not have to be tucked in, but they must hang down lower than the belt line and be above the mid-thigh line. ⦁ Undershirts-students may wear solid cobalt blue, black, or gray t-shirts (short or long sleeved). No decorations/prints at all.
DISTRICT POLICY:  HOODIES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM AT ANY TIME. Students may wear crew-neck sweatshirts, or long-sleeve shirts in the classroom during cold weather (between the months of October and March), in our school colors of cobalt blue, gray, or black WITH the school logo.
PANTS/SHORTS ⦁ Students may wear SOLID black or khaki pants. NO jeans, NO sweatpants, NO gym shorts, NO yoga pants, NO pajama pants will be allowed.
⦁ Large necklaces/beads must be tucked under the shirt and not visible.  This includes rosaries, which must be tucked inside the student’s shirt.
⦁ Pants/shorts should be sized to fit (No sagging or bagging).  Belts or other means to hold pants up will be provided if necessary. ⦁ Shorts will be a minimum of knee-length (Bermuda shorts).   No athletic style/gym shorts may be worn. SKIRTS & CAPRIS ⦁ Girls may wear skirts that are knee length and are either khaki or black. Girls may wear leggings under their skirts, but they must be solid black, cobalt blue, or gray. ⦁ Girls may wear capris that are khaki or black.
OTHER ⦁ No gloves, gauntlets, stirrups, sunglasses, hats, wristbands, scarves, or combat boots will be permitted. ⦁ Shoes must be appropriate/outdoor shoes. ⦁ Belts must be sized to fit and free of design. No wallets with chains are allowed. ⦁ Large necklaces/beads must be tucked under the shirt and not visible.  This includes rosaries, which must be tucked inside the student’s shirt. ⦁ No gang-related items are permitted at any time. ⦁ Piercings (besides the ear) are not allowed. ⦁ No jewelry that creates a safety hazard will be allowed, such as large hoop earrings.  The student will be required to remove any inappropriate/dangerous piercing or jewelry as defined by administration. ⦁ Obvious make-up such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick is not allowed-this is distracting to the learning and social environment. Artificial fingernails are also not allowed-these make it difficult for the child to write or use a computer. ⦁ Unnatural hair color and/or unnatural colored eye contacts are not allowed (i.e., “faux-hawks higher than 1”-2”, any hairstyle that is cut like a Mohawk). These styles are distracting to the learning environment.   Parents will be called the first time to bring appropriate school clothing if a child does not come to school dressed according to the school dress code. The second time could result in an office discipline referral. PLEASE AVOID THIS BY ADHERING TO OUR SCHOOL DRESS CODE.